Department of designing and operating electronic devices


Oleh Podhaiko

Oleh Podhaiko
Associate Professor of Design and Operation of Electronic Device Department, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Assistant Professor

Education and Career

1995 – Graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Radio Electronics with a degree in Design and Technology of Radioelectronic Devices.

1999 – Assistant, Department of DOED.

2006 – Ph.D., specialty 01.04.03 – “Radiophysics”.

2016 – Associate Professor, Department of DOED.


Educational activity

Teaches courses: “Basics of designing radioelectronic devices”, “Basics of designing biomedical devices”, “Computer technologies of design”, “Fundamentals of scientific research and copyright”.


Researcher activity

1999-2005 – Junior Researcher of CSTC.

2006-2017 – Researcher of the CSTC of NURE.


Publications and patents

Has over 30 scientific and more than 15 methodical publications. Inventor certificate of Ukraine № 82512. Method of vibration damping.