Department of designing and operating electronic devices





Brief description of the Avionics specialty:
A graduate specialist Avionics will have the knowledge, skills and skills necessary for the development, implementation and use of avionics systems. The Bachelor will be able to use modern information technology and computer technology for the design, programming and maintenance of avionics systems.
Skills and competencies that will be held by a graduate student in the Avionics specialty:
Designing activities:
1. Development of avionics devices and systems;
2. Development of integrated on-board systems and networks;
3. Development of control systems and avionics control systems;
4. Development of devices for gathering and processing information in avionics systems;
5. Designing digital avionics controllers;
6. Development of control algorithms;
7. Designing Digital Devices.
Organizational activity:
1. Organizational and technical support for the functioning of avionics systems and networks;
2. Organization of occupational safety measures.