Department of designing and operating electronic devices


Educational Program Radio electronic devices

Educational Program Radio electronic devices

Radio electronic devices

Hi-Tech educational program, which includes the development, design and production of modern radio-electronic devices for various purposes, namely:
– development of modern infocommunication technologies;
– development of circuit design of infocommunication systems, computer equipment and microcontrollers;
– development of intelligent computerized systems of modern production;
– development of systems of the automated design and 3D-modeling;
– development of intelligent MEMS and MOMS;
– Software development in the field of Industrial Automation Systems, Embedded System;
– development of intelligent security and access control systems;
– development of technologies of modern computer and industrial networks.

Skills and competences that a bachelor’s degree in radio programming will possess:
– knowledge of technological systems and production processes;
– knowledge of the principles of designing the production processes of electronic devices;
– knowledge of the principles of algorithmization and programming of microcontrollers and industrial controllers;
– knowledge of the principles of organization and management of branch networks;
– Knowledge of modern tools (CASE-technology, CAD / CAM / CAE) of computer-aided design of electronic devices;
– knowledge of forming technology;
– knowledge of computer technology design.
– knowledge of the use of Internet resources for solving experimental and practical tasks in professional activities;
– the ability to compile algorithms and create applications for solving problems of varying complexity;
– the ability to develop all types of documents for the production of electronic devices;
– ability to use methods of structural design of electronic devices on a modern and perspective element basis;
– ability to design industrial networks and select components for their construction.

Graduate for educational program radio electronic devices can work:
– electronics engineer, developer of radioelectronics with the use of modern intellectual technologies;
– engineer of technical service (Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, Test Engineering);
– Engineer-Programmer of Systems of Automation and Smart-technologies, Embedded System Developer.