Department of designing and operating electronic devices


Iurii Khoroshailo

Iurii Khoroshailo
Professor of Design and Operation of Electronic Devices Department, Candidate of Engineerings Sciences, Associate Professor

Education and Career

1975. – finished the Kharkiv institute of radio electronics (KHIRE) on speciality the Electronic devices.

1988. it is a candidate of engineerings sciences?, protected dissertation in the Winnitca polytechnic institute on specialty 05.11.13. are devices and methods of control of parameters of materials.

1994. it is an associate professor of kaf. Informatiki of the Kharkiv University of internal affairs.

2006. it is a dep chief Khar’koskogo institute national university of internal affairs (KHNUVD)

2009 is professor kaf PEEA KHNURE.

2020 – head of the DOED department of KNURE.

Educational activity

Teaches courses: Design of household electronic equipment. Computer simulation of radio-electronic devices. Fundamentals of computer design. Analysis and synthesis of radio-electronic devices.

Researcher activity

150 publications. 4 training manuals with the stamp MES. 2 monographs. 9 copyright certificates (2 implemented in the industry) 10 patents for utility model.

International activity / participation in international projects

  • Internship at Phoenix Contact in Germany.
  • 12 times participated in the International Symposiums of Poland, Bulgaria.

Social activity

  • Member of the faculty council.
  • Chairman of the Scholarship Committee.
  • Curator of the training group.

State Awards

I have 8 departmental awards from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 2 medals from the Cosmonautics Federation. Sign Inventor of the USSR.

Publications and patents

Has 150 publications, 10 patents.